Welcome to the Kingborough Bowls and Community Club and we hope you enjoy your bowling here. This brochure is designed to assist you with finding your way around the Club, its administrative structure and general information regarding the conduct of the Club. The Club is part of Bowls South Tasmania  The Club has been operating from its current site since 1952. Presently the Club has approximated 140 full members and 80 social members (both men and women), conducts regular twilight, corporate and social bowls and has modern facilities for members, visitors and guests to enjoy.




There are a variety of membership categories, which are outlined on the Application for Membership Form. Only those that are full paying members and have paid their subscriptions before 1 September each year are eligible to play pennant bowls. Bowls is open to and suitable for all ages from 10 onwards.


Club Board of Management


The Club is controlled by a Board of Management consisting of:  President  Vice President - Men  Vice President - Ladies  Secretary  Treasurer  Assistant Secretary  Indoor Bowls Director  Bowls Secretary It also has Chairpersons for the following sub-committees:  Bar Committee  Greens Committee  Indoor Bowls Centre Management  Social Committee  Tournament Directors  Carnival Directors  Mid-week Bowls Selector  Chairperson of Selectors Men  Chairperson of Selectors Ladies  Providore & Catering Committee Details of all Office bearers are displayed on the Directors Board within the Clubrooms. Notice Boards For the Club to function efficiently, members need to provide relevant information and receive appropriate information, and to achieve this, a series on Notice boards are strategically placed around the Clubrooms. Each one is hereby identified and explained:


General Information:

This Board is placed inside the main entrance door on the right hand side as you enter. This Board contains general information, notices of Bowls Tasmania events, and invitation to events being conducted by other bowls clubs. This Board also contains lists for pennant availability prior to the commencement of the pennant season.



This whiteboard is located on the right hand side of the Clubroom adjacent to the Bar. This Board contains information regarding social activities i.e. –Punters Club, Raffle results, weekly happy hour lucky draw and other miscellaneous information.



The notice board relevant to the lady members is located on the left hand wall inside the main entrance. This Board contains member list, notices pertaining to the lady members and general information concerning Bowls Tasmania competitions, nomination forms and invitations from other clubs. It also contains kitchen rosters for Saturday pennant catering and other private functions. Pennant Availability: If you find that you are unavailable for pennant duties, there is a list of pennant dates on the notice board adjacent to the kitchen where you can inform the selectors of your situation.


Foyer (Kitty Alcove):

There are two notice boards located in the foyer. The right-hand side board as you enter the building contains the men’s pennant teams for both mid-week and Saturday competitions. Mid-week teams are selected on Thursday afternoon and Saturday teams on Tuesday afternoon. The notice board on the left-hand side contains the nominations and draws for Club championships and progressive results. Team Selection: This magnetic whiteboard is located adjacent to the kitchen door and contains the relevant teams selected for Ladies Pennant, Men’s Pennant and Mid-week competitions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS BOARD TO BE ALTERED BY UNAUTHORISED PERSONS. Greens: This board is located adjacent to the entrance to the foyer, and provides rink allocation information for pennant competitions. There is also a rink reservation board nearby for Club championship rounds. Club Championships Throughout the pennant season, the Club holds a series of championships for all members, and nomination sheets are placed on the notice board in the foyer. To enable the competitions to be completed within a specified time, it is essential that members adhere to the time-frame set for the games, and co-operate with the appropriate Tournament Director. Other bowls events and competitions Throughout the season Bowls Tasmania South, Bowls Tasmania and other Bowls Clubs conduct a series of individual and team competitions, and nominations for these are displayed on the appropriate noticeboards. Pennant Competitions - Outdoors The Club has men, ladies and mixed teams participating in regular outdoor pennant divisional competitions. The outdoor pennant bowls season commences in late September / early October and runs through till late March / early April. Saturday and Mid-week (Wednesday) pennants commence at 1:00 p.m., with all bowlers to be at the game half an hour early for a roll up - games finish at approximately 4:30 p.m. The ladies pennant is conducted each Thursday commencing at 11.00 a.m. and concluding around 3:30 p.m. Practice is available at any time to all members. Scheduled pennant practice is held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (men) from 3:00 p.m. and Tuesdays during the day (ladies) from 10:00 a.m. Pennant teams (ladies) are selected each Monday night and are available to view on the noticeboard within the Club from Tuesday onwards each week. There are a number of different divisions for various abilities and teams are selected based upon player experience/performance and availability. Each divisional team has a selector and a match manager who looks after the administrative team functions for each game. If you are not available on a particular weekend you must advise the Club selector as soon as possible so that a replacement can be arranged. Teams often travel together in a car pool for away games to keep costs down and to promote team unity. Pennant bowls also provides the opportunity to compete in the southern and state championships with the potential for selection to compete interstate.


Indoor Bowls Centre Activities

The Club operates an indoor bowls centre all year round and which is available to members for bowls practice during the summer and organised competitions and events during the winter. It specialises in conducting pennant, social, corporate and barefoot bowls events and “soft” recreational activities.



During practice, street clothes (“mufti”) are permitted. Pennant days require the following: Bowls Shoes – Bowls shoes are required on the green at all times and must be white or brown, flat soled shoes with no grip. Pants – Black pants (men and ladies) bearing the Bowls Australia logo must be worn and can be purchased from the Bowlers Shop. For those not keen on pants, there is the option to wear black short with the Bowls Australia logo. Club Playing Shirt – Short sleeved or long sleeved shirts can be purchased from the Kingborough Bowls Club. Prices may vary depending upon order quantities. Club Shirt – Short sleeved club shirts can be purchased from the Club. Club Jacket (Optional) – Can be purchased from the Club. If you need a jacket but do not wish to purchase a Club jacket, a plain white jacket or sleeveless vest may be worn. Club Caps & Hats – These can be purchased from the Club. Men’s brimmed hats must have the Club hat band. You may wear an approved bowls cap, which can be purchased from the Bowlers Shop. A white sun visor is also acceptable. Bowls Equipment If you wish to purchase new bowls equipment, the Bowlers Shop has an excellent stock of the items that you will need. The Shop is located at the Buckingham Bowls Club on Main Road, New Town. Second hand sets are often available on E-bay, Gumtree or in the paper. Otherwise Club second hand bowls are available for loan to new bowlers for their first season.


Twilight Social Bowls

The Club conducts regular twilight social bowls during the bowls season on Friday nights. Participation in these competitions requires a registration fee and a nightly green fee, which covers bowls hire, tuition, BBQ and prizes. These fun and social competitions, starting at 6:00 p.m. and concluding around 8:00 p.m., involve teams of four who play twelve ends per game with allowances for all participants to enjoy refreshments during the game.



A game for all, young and old, a great family game. Simple rules and similar tactics to lawn bowls. The Club has a superb terrain behind the Clubhouse just waiting for you to try out. Behind the bar there is a set of Club Boules and Rules. (Dead easy to follow and there are not many of them). Borrow the Boules and have a try. It’s a simple game, but just like lawn bowls the more you play the more you see the skills involved. Club members play most Friday evenings and Sunday mornings in the summer and on Sunday mornings during winter. CONTACTS: Rod Miller: (03) 6229 3949 or Russell Dale: (03) 6229 1454



Corporate Bowls

The Club also conducts organised games of bowls for businesses or social groups throughout the season. Bookings can be arranged either during the day or at night for groups of greater than twelve participants, and are conducted along similar lines as twilight bowls. Costs vary depending upon the nature of the booking. Coaching The Club has volunteer accredited coaches who are more than willing to spend time with members to improve your skills and enjoyment of the game. The Club Secretary can supply the names of coaches and the times that they are available.


Club Championships

Club Championships are conducted each season. The entry fee for each competition is included in your annual subscription. Championship events are open to A Grade, B Grade and junior members.


Use of Clubrooms by members

Clubrooms are available for members to use for personal functions and special occasions. Please contact the Club Providore for details. Bar Operations The Club operates a licensed bar and bar staff are required to adhere to the Responsible Serving of Alcohol guidelines and we are a member of the Good Sports Program. On Friday nights, there is a ‘Happy Hour’ commencing at 5:30 p.m. with a Members draw each week. The opening times for the bar are displayed on the front door.


 Providore – Kitchen & Functions

One of the important fundraising activities for the Club is the operation of the kitchen for social activities, catering for private functions and pennant. The Club presently has engaged a private caterer, who provides all the catering for private and Club functions. The Providore controls the operation of the kitchen and is to be contacted in the first instance if arranging a function within the Clubrooms.


Around the Club Please look out for opportunities to do small but important jobs around the Club. If you see a member carrying out some duties don’t be afraid to offer assistance. A little help from everyone is all that is needed to make things work smoothly. Etiquette Etiquette plays a major part in lawn bowls and has done so since the game’s inception. Simply put, bowling etiquette is a code of behaviour that bowlers around the world adhere to, both on the green and in the Clubhouse. First and foremost bowlers should remember to the old adage “Do unto others as you would them do unto you”. Bowls is a friendly game and consideration for others, courtesy and good sportsmanship are the major parts of its appeal. Considerate and common sense are the keys to acceptable standards. In Closing We look forward to receiving your membership application. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Inquiries regarding twilight and corporate bowls and the loan of second hand bowls should be directed to the IBC Director.